About Us

BTS Flow Solutions Ltd was originally set up to serve our customers in the UK and Ireland as an authorised distributor of Swissfluid valves. Ideally located in the heart of Lancashire, we offer fast deliveries for any valves, automation packages incl. actuators, switch boxes, solenoid valves and positioners, reactor sampling systems as well as spare parts for all products.

The main benefit of Swissfluid products is the lining of process valves and components with engineered plastics, designed for handling of corrosive, abrasive or even pure liquid service requirements.

BTS Flow Solutions Ltd has a background of over 30 years in valve design, manufacturing and supply sectors of the global valve industry. We are experienced in providing an extensive range of valves both Steel and PTFE Lined and ancillary equipment to the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical & Process Manufacturing Sectors.

BTS Flow Solutions Ltd are at the fore front of valve technology with emphasis on a comprehensive range of products including Diaphragm valves, Butterfly valves (plastomeric & elastomeric), Ball Valves, Sampling Systems as well as Sight Glasses, Ball & Swing Check valves, Cylindrical Plug valves, Inline Sampling valves, Sampling Ball valves & Reactor Sampling Systems as well as pneumatic Actuators with Accessories.

Our core business is in the specification and supplying of Carbon and Stainless Steel lined and unlined valves and pipeline components with engineered plastics, such as PTFE, PFA, PVDF etc. as well as high performance elastomers for highly corrosive as well as abrasive applications.

Our customer service ethic is borne of many years spent in close consultation with blue chip manufacturing and contracting clients in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical & Process Manufacturing Sectors.

We always strive to meet project budgets and provide cost effective solutions, our commitment to providing a high quality and safe solution will always be paramount.

Within BTS Flow Solutions Ltd we are very proud to have one of the few specialists’ in the process sampling valve market working for us. We offer expert advice on the design, installation, build and supply of Inline and Vessel Sampling Systems for both dry, wet powder & liquid lines, reactor vessels, process lines, dryers, drums and effluent discharges.

Within the BTS Flow Solutions Ltd Sampling portfolio we have an excellent safe record of supplying representative sampling systems with dead free space so your first sample is representative of your products without having dead legs of media or having to take several samples to get your representative sample.

Historically Sampling would have been carried out by the manufacturing plant operator being heavily suited up with breathing apparatus and safety suits and they would have a valve at the end of a pipe where the operator would open the valve and take a large sample so that the dead leg clears and they would either dispose of the first sample and take a second one to be sure it was a representative sample. This procedure is full of safety risks and addition costs for example the cost of disposing of the disregarded sample safely, cost of lost product as some media within the Pharmaceutical industries a cup full ie 250ml of product can be worth thousands of pounds this would be lost profit.

BTS Flow Solutions Ltd would design and build / supply an Inline sampling system that would eliminate all of the above risks and issues also on most cases the operator no longer has to go to the level of safety wear as previously worn.


BTS Flow Solutions Ltd was founded in 2008