Sight Glasses SSP Series


Are ideally suited as reliable flow indicators for virtually all existing process media in either liquid or even gaseous state.



Sight Glasses SBP Series are available as DIN- or ANSI-types, with sight glass window plates made of Borosilicate acc. to DIN 7080 as per standard. The sturdy design bodies are made of cast steel 1.0619 (WCB), coating RAL 5005 signal-blue or stainless steel casting. 1.4408 (CF-8M), with resistant linings such as PFA or PFA-AS (anti-static). In addition to the standard version, SIGHT GLASSES SST SERIES (fully stainless steel) are available as complementary products.

MAIN FEATURES (SSP Series fully-lined)

  • Heavy-duty, proven construction – maintenance-free
  • Horizontal or vertical installation, flange connection according to DIN PN10/16 resp. ANSI 150lbs
  • No need of additional flange gaskets due to wide and chambered flange sealing surface
  • Standard drip ledge indicating even minute flows
  • Large observation opening

MAIN FEATURES (SST Series stainless steel)

  • Flanged version or with butt weld ends
  • Options like:
  • Metal reinforced glass plates or quartz glasses
  • FEP glass protection sheet
  • Visual flow indicator for gases (PTFE ribbon)
  • CE Logo Conformity according to European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)


  • Temperature Range from -40°c (-40°F) up to +200°c (+392°F) (Depending on material selection)
  • Pressure Range from up to 10bar (145 psi) (Depending on material selection)